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Gaben Is Love, Gaben Is Life! - Moderator Application - 30/04/2016
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1. In-Game Name : Gaben Is Love, Gaben Is Life!

2. Your Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:87714555

3. Time Played : 7D+, Idk more than 7 days for certain

4. Age: 15

5. Have you read the rules carefully and remembered them?: Yes, I have.

6. Do you have a working microphone that you use regularly?: Yes, I have a working microphone that I use regularly

7. Have you been banned/kicked recently?: No, sorry. Don't hit me Smile

8. Have you been staff before on another Garry's Mod server community?:  Yes, I have been staff on multiple servers in the past. I have been an admin in a JailBreak server, Harrysmod JailBreak, which I believe has closed as not enough money was being donated for VIP (This is the only server I have donated to ever and the first GMod server I played on). I have been Admin on RedSnowDarkrp server, which was in the first 30 darkrp server and had 80+ players on every day and Green Eagle played on this server and was developer on! Super-admin on my friends server (about 20 players per day so not too many on at once) and I have port forwarded my own server for me and my friends if that counts. Also, if you mean anything, I have been Admin on a minecraft server (forgotten the name) and owner of a minecraft server (closed because I was only port forwarding and not being hosted).

9. Why do you want to be staff on the Distribution Gaming Deathrun Server? (Must be fully detailed and include 50+ words): I want to be staff on DB because I knew a couple of the head staff before this server. I knew Green Eagle, Anonymous and I believe I knew JackIEagle all from the same server way before this. So, I know a few of the main staff already quite a lot so it would be fun to be staff with them. Also, the staff seem nice a friendly so I would love to be one of them. Furthermore, I would love to be staff as it is the best deathrun server I have been on and I spend a lot of time on it anyway and being staff would make me try and go on as much as possible.

10. Why should we accept you over anyone else? (Must be fully detailed and include 75+ words): I believe, I should be a moderator because I know how to handle most situations as I have been staff on multiple servers in the past but I haven’t been staff on a deathrun server before. The worst bit about being staff is not about the trolls it’s about the people who deny everything you say to them as it gets annoying when someone has broken a rule and they know it but they won’t confess and they moan at you when you warn them for breaking the rule and they just moan at you every time they see you saying “Why did you warn me?” constantly over and over. But, obviously there are ways to stop this with the right commands like gag, mute and just warning for lying to staff. Also, I know when to have a laugh with someone and when to be serious as some people do things to annoy you others do it just for a laugh. But, if they broke a rule no matter what they still need a warn even if they did it as a joke. Also, on some servers most of the staff have their favourites (their friends mainly) that they let off with anything and I don’t like favouritism as it’s not fair to others.  Obviously, players can have a laugh with each other but when someone breaks the rules and a staff member lets them off because it’s their friend it’s not right. Furthermore, I usually let the person off for breaking a minor rule and explain what they have done wrong and if they break it again in the future I give them a warn etc. I do this because not all players understand the concept of the rules as sometimes rules aren’t always clear and for example if its someone’s first time playing deathrun they won’t understand most of the things happening and might break a minor rule so I would explain to them what they did and to read the rules, once they know how to play deathrun and have read the rules they won’t break a rule again unintentionally and if they do it again I will warn them for it.
11. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses on becoming moderator? (State what you are very good at and not so sure about): I am great at using ulx and ok at using console commands depending on what they are. I would say I’m bad at deathrun in general and bhop. :p

12. Why do you choose Distribution Gaming over another server/community? (Must have your honest and detailed answer):  Because it has more user friendly addons compared to other death run servers, usually most deathrun servers only have a pointshop and that’s it. Where as Distribution Gaming has multiple addons that are useful such as skills and being able to claim buttons.

13. When are you usually playing on our deathrun server? : Usually after 12:00 pm (Because of the holidays but if I wake up earlier then I will get on then) but on a school day usually 3:30pm and nearly every day.

14. What Country do you live in?: United Kingdom

15. How many warnings do you have? : 0

16. How did you find out about Distribution Gaming Community?: Anonymous invited me

17. How did you find out about the Distribution Gaming Deathrun Server?: Anonymous invited me

18. Explain in full detail what you would do if someone was Mic-Spamming or Spamming in chat (Explain in your own words what punishment you would do and the leading up of punishing them. Please state an example): I would tell them to stop mic spamming and if they didn’t stop after I verbally warned them then I would gag/mute them and give them a warn for mic spam.

19. Explain in full detail what you would do if someone was Disrespecting in Voice chat or Microphone (Explain in your own words what punishment you would do and the leading up of punishing them. Please state an example): I would warn them for disrespect as soon as they did it.

20. We like our staff mature, So that means no child like language "GET REKT", Nothing like that. Also please use full English grammar. Our community loves staff who does not act like children, we are a community who respects simple things. If you would like to be staff please follow this or this will lead into a demotion. Do you understand?: Yes, I understand

21. Every donation to the server helps, Have you donated to us yet? If so please state that package and if not state if you will be in the future: No, sorry not really aloud to spend money on donating to server. :/

22. Have you read the staff policy found here (If you have not read this it will lead to a demotion): Yes, I have read it.

23. Do you agree to the terms set by that policy? (Please state a key feature of the policy aswell of your agreement in your own words) : Yes, if a staff member is in active for a week you get a warning then if it carries on then u get demoted.

Thanks for taking your time to read this and Remember Kids Gaben Is Love, Gaben Is Live!!!!
~Lord Gaben
I have carefully read through you application and i like the amount of detail you have put it in.

You have read the questions carefully and answered them in full detail.

I really like you application and thanks for taking the time to post you application.
Application Accepted
We know you copied your old application Wink

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